Meca500 - Schmalz SBP-HV 2 04 7 basic ejector integration

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This MecaNetwork example features the Meca500 industrial arm, the MPM500 pneumatic module and the Schmalz basic ejector SBP-HV 2 04 7. The ejector module is connected to the Meca500 using a custom bracket, that can be 3D printed. The 3D model is provided below and is free to use. The Schmalz module is augmented with a Schmalz suction cup and a nozzle cartridge in order to execute a simple pick-and-place routine, demonstrated below.



Not all components used for this example are sold by Mecademic Robotics.

  • Meca500 Robot: Go to link
  • Meca500 firmware version 8.1.6 or above is required: Go to link
  • Mecademic MPM500 pneumatic module: Go to link
  • Schmalz SBP-HV basic ejector: Go to link
  • Bellows suction cup: Go to link
  • Multistage nozzle cartridge: Go to link
  • Custom bracket: Available for download at the bottom of the page
  • M5 threaded barb fittings: Included with the MPM500 module OR Push-to-connect barb fittings: McMaster reference
  • G1/8"-F threaded barb fittings: Purchased separately for the ejector
  • M4 x 0.7 screws (x4): For mounting the bracket to the ejector
  • M3 x 0.5 screws (x4): For mounting the bracket to the Meca500
  • 1/16 in ID or 4 mm OD pneumatic cables: Purchased separately

Technical specifications

  • Energy-efficient vacuum generator
  • Two-stage nozzle technology
  • High-vacuum design
  • Nozzle size: 0.4 mm
  • Degree of evacuation: 79%
  • Optimal pressure: 4 bar
  • Suction rate:13.2 L/min
  • Air consumption: 6.5 L/min
  • Ejector weight: 0.06317 kg
  • Suction cup size: 25 
  • Vacuum connection: G1/8"-M
  • Number of folds: 2.5
  • Suction cup weight: 0.0083 kg
  • Nozzle weight: 0.01302 kg


Before assembly or operation, please refer to the Meca500 User Manual and the MPM500 User Manual

It is also recommended to visit the How to install the MPM500 pneumatic module page in order to ensure a functioning set-up before adding the ejector. The article lists the assembly steps required after the successful installation of the MPM500 pneumatic module.

Assembly steps:

  1. Attach the custom bracket to the Meca500's flange using M3x0.5 screws; 
  2. Attach the ejector to the custom bracket using M4x0.7 screws. The ejector is oriented at 90 degrees relatively to the flange, pointing downwards; 
  3. Attach air input to port IN (Meca500);                                                                                                                               
  4. Attach Port P+ (ejector) to port 1 (Meca500); 
  5. Suction cup is attached to port P- (ejector);
  6. Optional: add the pneumatic muffler to reduce noise.

Web interface script

The ejector's action can be tested with the Meca500's web interface. To learn how to use the web interface, please read the Programming Manual. Simply write and execute the GripperOpen and GripperClose commands to confirm that all connections are working. A simple hold-and-release command sequence is presented below. The sequence positions the robot with the MovePose() and MoveLin() commands. The vacuum is then activated in order to seize the object, before placing it somewhere else and releasing it.


Please note that these examples are provided as-is by either Mecademic or it's Partners. These can be used as starting point for development and testing but Mecademic or it's partners are not under obligation to provide support and are not liable for any errors or unintended behavior caused by the examples. These examples could be updated over time.


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