Meca500 - Allen-Bradley Micro800 PLC Integration


This MecaNetwork example features the Meca500 being used with a Micro820 PLC over TCP/IP.

The example program provided can also be adapted to a variety of other Micro800 PLCs.


Meca500 Robot : Go to site

Meca500 Firmware version 8.1.6 or above is required : Go to site

Micro820 Programmable Logic Controller : Go to site

Connected Component Workbench Software : Go to site


Mecademic CCW TCPIP User Guide: User Guide with the setup steps
Mecademic_CCW_Demo_V0_16_0.ccwsln : PLC program

Please note that these examples are provided as-is by either Mecademic or it's Partners. These can be used as a starting point for development and testing but Mecademic or it's partners are not under obligation to provide support and are not liable for any errors or unintended behavior caused by the examples. These examples could be updated over time.

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