How to Jog the robot with MJ3?

The MJ3 is a precise 3 axis joystick that acts a plug and play device with the Meca500's Web Interface to jog the robot. The joystick controls are mapped to both joint and cartesian axes. With a simple click of a button on the Joystick, the jogging mode can be changed from Joints to Cartesian in WRF and Cartesian in TRF as well as the axis groupings that can be controlled; J1-J3 or J4-J6 and XYZ or RxRyRz

For Safety reasons:
  1. The Ctrl key is the enabling interlock for the joystick controls for safety reasons. Pressing and holding the Ctrl Key is mandatory to activate the joystick controls
  2. The joystick tab must always be in focused state in the Web Interface for joystick to work. The joystick inputs will be ignored by the Web Interface immediately after the Jogging panel is switched to either Joint or Cartesian tabs

To use the MJ3 joystick:

  1. Plug the joystick into any USB2.0 or higher USB port. 
  2. Log into the Meca500's Web Interface in your Chrome browser using the robot's IP address (Default:
  3. Upon Activation and Homing, toggle the Jogging button to enable jogging
  4. Select the Joystick Tab in the jogging panel.
  5. Select the mode for Jogging (Joints/Cartesian WRF, Cartesian TRF)
  6. If needed , Check Reverse and/or Disable for the individual axes.
  7. Press and Hold Ctrl Key to activate the Joystick controls.
  8. Move the Joystick axes to jog the robot

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