How do I connect the Safety IO?

Figure 1 shows the pinout of the D-SUB 15-position connector on the power supply and Figure 2 gives a generic example for all connections. With the DSUB15 safety IO port, you can connect: 

- one external Stop Category 1 emergency stop (connections E-Stop - A1, E-Stop - B1, E-Stop - A2, E-Stop - B2);

- one Stop Category 1 protective stop (connections P-Stop 1 - A1, P-Stop 1 - K1, P-Stop 1 - A2, P-Stop 1 - K2); 

- one reset button (connections Reset - A, Reset - K); 

- one power status indicator (connections Power Status - A, Power Status - B); 

- one Stop Category 2 protective stop (connections P-Stop 2 - A, P-Stop 2 - B). 

Generic wiring example

Connection example with a PLC I/O using 24V DC

Take note that the Ext E-STOP and Protective Stop 1 are both NC type while Protective Stop-2 is NO type. Hence, if not used they have to be either short (for Ext. E-STOP) or must be closed with a bypass resistor as below 

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